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Sako Mountain was started in 2006 with the intent to find simple financial strategies to gain financial independence.  This site is going to become a premier site for learning how to be financially free, minimize taxes, and learn strategies to take control of every area of your finances.  This site is in its infancy and will continue to offer more and better products which will help in your endeavors to become financially free and self-sufficient.

During the early part of 2006, I had several “ah-ha” moments.  I read “The Richest Man in Babylon” by George S. Clason and the first “ah-ha” was that you should pay yourself first – you should keep a part of everything you make.  Shortly after that I received a statement from the Social Security Administration which had the details of all the money I had earned since starting work at the age of 14.  Had I saved 10% since then, I would have saved about $65000.

Shortly after that, tax time rolled around and I estimated that I would be paying about $7500 for the tax year 2005.  I thought WOW in 10 years that’s $75000 and that is more than I would have saved since I began working.  It really drove home the necessity to minimize my tax liability to the legal minimum.

In June of 2006 I went to a seminar in Orlando, Florida and learned of a money making opportunity.  During this seminar the speaker showed us that only about 8 out of every 100 Americans retire wealthy.  The reason these 8 percent retire “wealthy” is that they usually own a business.  I also learned that a “one-size-fits-all” approach to finances will not work because every ones situation is different; however, there are general strategies that can make a huge difference when people learn to apply them to their own situation.

Oh ya, that business opportunity, it was a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) with a very unique twist that did give it a definite "WOW" factor.   Long story short I learned there are number of things an MLM must have:

  • Excellent Management which includes but is not limited to the following:

  • A Proven Business Model that does not need changed or improved (it is hard to promote an opportunity that is always changing because it's hard to explain to your target audience)

  • Customer Service that goes the extra mile.  (all issues should be settled as completely and promptly as possible.  If the issue takes time then give ample status so they know you are working on it)

  • An Excellent Product (its just better to never have to make excuses for your product)

  • Prompt Shipment of Products to Customers and Associates (customers can probably buy a comparable product from a local store and have it now.  Don’t punish them for choosing to be involved with your company)

  • Accounting – Flawless and Exact and On Time

    • Customer Billing once Product ships (some MLMs bill now and send products whenever they want to – refer to #4 – most are better than that)

    • Associate Payments on Schedule (accounting for associate commissions and bonuses should be posted on or before the date they are due and checks should be mailed to pay the associates on or before that date also.  The associates drive the MLM business they should be paid promptly and accurately to show how important they are to the business)

Of this list the company does have good products; but leaves a lot to be desired in the other categories.  I am not a big fan of MLM unless it’s done right.  The newer MLM's have a matrix structure which only allow a certain number of associates directly under you so if it were 3 and you signed up 6 people 3 would be assigned under your original 3.  This is called "spill-over" and encourages downward growth and forces a “true” network. Usually MLM attracts people who are not salesman and are not marketers and the companies usually have all kinds of techniques for giving people ineffective solutions to these short-comings.  This was a lesson like the first business transaction in "The Richest Man in Babylon" where his first business deal didn't work out and he had to "learn" where to put his money.

MLM’s require a financial involvement; but in practice do not appreciate that financial participation like they should.  Mostly I believe the Leaders in the MLM are not really marketers and therefore, are looking for sales which they hope you can generate for them.  The matrix structure forces the up-line to network automatically. After all that is what it is called. Network Marketing implies there will be some cooperation between the participants and part of that has to be the up-line supporting the down-line and doing the work they cannot do for themselves because they lack experience and momentum.  MLM's do offer the following advantages:

  • Small startup fees. Compared to a McDonalds franchise for $50,000 to $100,000 you can start up for less than $200.00 and usually less than $100.00.

  • The MLM handles all the product inventory and product shipment to your customers.

  • The MLM handles paying all your associates or down-line.

  • The MLM may give you good training with respect to the products, marketing and sales.

  • The MLM will usually have marketing and sales materials so you don't have to design your own.

  • The MLM will usually give a cloned website you can drive traffic to

Let me ask a question:  If you were involved in an MLM and the people above you placed people in your down-line and also did it such that you got your product paid for (now it doesn’t cost you a thing) would you be able to or need to leave this MLM?  At some point you would even have to promote it, right?  Why?  Because it is working for you!  Right?  Anyway, this is just a glimpse at what it should be like.  When any MLM company takes your hard earned money; they should do their utmost to make sure you stay in the company, including support you by building under you when you are in your beginning stages. Later when you have some momentum you will become a testimonial for the companies' undeniable success.

For anyone wanting to learn to do MLM properly the right side-bar has a link to a Free Report that is a must read if you have any ideas about MLM or would like to know more about how this industry can be done properly.  For anyone in MLM, the next link is a MUST HAVE if you want to take your business to the next level.

I realized while participating in this MLM that what I needed was to explore and expand on the Marketing aspect of my company.  I literally didn’t know anything about marketing or sales.  Salesmen are the highest paid group of people in the world.  I knew I had to learn what and how these people were doing it so I started finding anything I could on the internet about marketing.  Well I am quite amazed at what I have found.  Look on my resource page to see where I have found information.

One of the people I found on the internet was Armand Morin and he has a very impressive knowledge and experience in internet marketing.  Armand began marketing on the internet in 1996.  Go to my resource page and download his report “An Obvious Truth” (or just right-click and Save Target As on this link).  You will find out that he has a straight-forward approach to teaching Internet Marketing and over-delivers with all his products.

Armand is not afraid to give you as much information as he possibly can in his seminars and teleseminars.  He doesn’t hold back information to get you to purchase another product to explain the one you just purchased.  At the bottom of my Web pages are some of his products.  His brand is Generator Software.  The products are things he developed as he saw a need as he has grown is business and done $45,000,000 in sale since 1996.  These products actually “generate” products for you.  If you want to get involved with internet marketing, you need to take a serious look at Armand Morins Products.  You will not be disappointed.  Check out this link:   Armand Morin Products.  There is also a video there which you will find to be high quality, very well done, and very interesting.

Another Internet Marketer I found is Glen Hopkins.  Glen has a book called “Lucrative List Building”.  In internet marketing they say the money is in the list.  The refined way to say that is the money is in the buyers on the list.  At any rate it is very important to build a list while you are growing your “business” and this is where Glen’s information is invaluable.  One of the things you find out studying marketing and sales is that people like to do business with someone they know and trust and they usually have to develop a relationship over multiple interactions.  What the marketers have found out is on average people need to be approached about 7 times before the will actually buy.  It will not happen in one visit to a website, or one telephone call or email.

This is where the list comes into the equation:  You need to contact your list over and over again and “give” them a chance to get to know you and “give” them a reason to develop a relationship based on trust:  Trust of you, your product, and your service.  You will develop trust as you show them you are there to help them accomplish their goals. Check out Glen Hopkins and find out how his information can help you.

I would like to thank you for visiting my website, and if you’ve read this far; you are not here by accident.  You are searching for answers just like I am.  If the idea of business strategies, tax saving strategies, residual income opportunities, and helping people realize their greatest potential intrigues you then please stay tuned and this website will grow and become a true resource for financial independence.

Much Success,

Dan Smith

PS. Check out my resource page and the downloads there. Also, the first on the list of Armand Morin's Products is his affiliate program.  This program deserves your attention.  Thank you.

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